Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Did I get a dog?

NO tomatos please but seriously? What was I thinking? I know my dh is gone alot and I wanted to feel safer and all, but dam my dog is not only dumb, but shes a pain in the ass! Shes really cute, a pure golden retriever, but my goodness is she dependent. I'm normally a cat person. I like cats. They keep themselves clean, they always smell good, and they dont leave huge piles of shit in your yard. They don't require you to take them with you at all times, nor do they bull you over when you get home, or when you are trying to (sneak) go out without them. I have a van. She sits in the third row seats. She should know her place. But she is dumb. She walks to the front, finagles her way around my dd's legs, and proceeds to put her paws onto the center console. I try to coax her back to her "section" by throwing whatever food I may have lying around in front, towards the back. Why does this not work you ask? Well, because she has learned that the more she comes up front, the more food she gets in the back. Ahhh, dog logic. Yet, there I am, still hurling food towards the backseat. All the while, my little ones think its hysterical. That is until Molly (the dog) eats their donuts right out of there car seats. Then comes the crocodile tears, and frantic yells from an almost three year old "GET IN THE BACK MOLLY!!!!"

Don't Worry......

I'm still here, and will be back in full force soon. Surfice it to say, I was busy. I have a life, well maybe not a life so to speak, but I've been busy working on my store, and maintaing some sanity. Bear with me... LOL

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Still here...

It's been a very busy few weeks! We have had playgroups, and I'm working on starting my business soon, as well as run my dh's business :~ Not to mention the countless hours I've spent roaming the internet out of shear bordem and any kind of writers block. Even tho my posts aren't all that funny, or witty, I just have got nothing!
Altho I was in the shower the other morning, and left my 2 yr old in the living room to watch the wiggles, I fiquered that would spare me a few minutes to myslef. While in the shower, Having my mom time, with the nice hot water pounding on my head, I thought to myself, I wonder what my daughter has gotten into, and what kind of mess I would have to clean up when I got out, then of course I would be angry at her, then myself for leaving her unsupervised. I imagined the eggs strewn about the floor, down the hall. I imagined some wall art in the form of ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, you know the usual. I basked under the water, trying desperatley to not ruin my only peace and quiet during the day. I tried to alter my thought pattern, but to no avail. They kept coming back to the child covered in refridgerator goodness, and my house full of grossness! You see, I think these things, not because I am neurotic, or insane (ok, maybe to a point I am, but what mother isnt) but because this has happened before, and yet I leave my saneness up to chance and take the shower because A) I really need it, I stink. B) Its the only somewhat quiet I get ever C) I really need to escape the kids, dog and cats for at least 5 minutes per day.. LOL
So as I basked in the water I realized, I need to get out now, before it gets any worse!
I jump out, towel dry off quickly, and run out expecting to see the worst. but you know what I saw? My beautiful daughter sitting in her sisters swing and watching the wiggles peacefully, and quietly. Sometimes they really do surprise you :D

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oh DH Where art Tho?

Well Dh has been in Maine hunting since Wednesday evening. So that leaves me to be mom and dad 24/7, for the last 4 days and 4 nights. Its very hard and very tiring. It wouldnt be that bad if Scarlett wasnt going through the most major 6 month growth spurt and wants to eat and eat and eat and not sleep. Or if Lily would sleep all night and not toss and turn and wake up every few hours. At least then I would be able to get some sleep and it wouldnt be that bad. I guess Im going to have to wait about 10 more years before that happens. Great just in time for her/them to become teenagers and want to stay out late... It never really ends does it... ugh
SO dh is supposed to be home at some point. altho he was supposed to call me yesturday morning to let me know what was going on. Well he didnt. Big surprise. So of course I was trying to decided whether to lock the door last night or not, I ended up going with my judgment and locked it. Good thing, because he didnt come home :(
So now its almost 1pm and still no call or dh. I don't mind him going, I just hate being left in anticipation or worse, Just left hanging.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Love is...

No pictures today, but my dh left for maine last night and therefore left me to tend to both needy girls at night for the next 3 days. So last night Lily started out in our big bed and I slept in scarletts room on my twin. I woke to lily crying and pulled her into my room (on the twin) Scarlett awoke a bit later to eat, (ugh growth spurt PLEASE be over, I cant take much more!) So it was lily on the inside, me in the middle, and scarlett on the end trying to eat.. lol I couldnt flip over to feed her the other side, so I contortioned myself to feed her both breasts from the same position. Thats love!
I also enjoyed every mintue of the cuddle time. Even if lily decided that 5:45 is her new wake up time :(

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How you know if you child is ready for potty training...

Conversation with Miss Relentless whose 27months

Me: common lets change your diaper!
RL ~ NO!! I Ok!
me: Common you stink!
RL ~ Excuse me!
me: Laughing, yes your excused, common lets change your diaper
RL~ laying down now, so I start telling her that mommy hates changing poopy diapers and asked her when she will be going on the potty to which she explaimes " NO want a D I A P E R!!! No potty!

I guess she's not ready.. .what do you think?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Our new Family Addition :)

This is Molly. She is 8months old and is a golden retriever. She is great with my girls, but not so much with my cats..
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Love is...

The Beauty of Nature
Taken at our local little bridge in Connecticut, and part of the reason that fall is so pretty in New England

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Moments that melt your heart

My two year old in a desperate attempt to put off bedtime, ran up to me in a bear hug and said "i wuv momma" then proceeded to do the same to daddy. Then the stairs, the diapers, daddys youcky boots, the swing, the railing, me again, daddy again, the chair and couch.. before finally being carted off to bed, by a smiling, giggling daddy :D
Kids are so freakin funny.

melts my heart tho, to hear her say she loves me. Best feeling in the world

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love is...

Reckognizing Talent in your 2 year old :) and Not yelling about it, but leaving it up as a reminder of things to come ...

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and also seeing her talent in other, more socially acceptable ways:

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